Helen Joyce and Eric Kaufmann Play Spectrum Street Epistemology: Gender Identity, Womanhood, & More!

Eric joins Peter Boghossian and Helen Joyce to play Spectrum Street Epistemology on the Gender Identity issue.

Peter Boghossian engages author Dr. Helen Joyce and professor Dr. Eric Kaufmann in Spectrum Street Epistemology. The discussion deals with gender ideology. The claims explore questions such as, “Anyone who conforms to the social construct of woman is a woman” and “If a child says they’re trans at school a parent should be notified.” The conversation broadened to whether gender ideology could be thought of as transcendental or quasi-religious, and the pair discussed some of the philosophical and religious underpinnings of this movement. At one point, Helen is asked to take the position of a pro-gender-affirming person, and she takes the opportunity to explain the various justifications that individuals use to support that position. Helen and Eric strongly disagree on whether it is possible to be confused about one’s gender identity, and they attempt to guess the other’s reasoning behind their position. Dr. Helen Joyce is a journalist, Director of Advocacy for Sex Matters, and author of “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.” Her writing has appeared in The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Times, And Critic Magazine.

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