Heterodox Report 1: The Mental Health Crisis Does Not Explain Woke


  • Mental Health and University Attendance:

    • University attendees with good marks have better mental health.

    • Achieved status is crucial for mental health over personal income or class.

    • Grades, social class, and financial aid impact mental health.

  • Gender and Sexual Identity Impact on Mental Health:

    • Non-heterosexual individuals report worse depression/anxiety.

    • Being female or non-heterosexual is linked to higher levels of sadness and anxiety.

  • Impact of Ideology and Gender on Mental Health:

    • Ideology and gender have a significant effect on mental illness.

    • Females show stronger opposition to politically incorrect speech than males.

  • Woke Culture and Mental Health:

    • Woke culture evolved from left and liberal sources alongside humanitarian ideas.

    • Mental health crisis among youth does not explain the rise of woke culture.

  • Social Media and Mental Health:

    • Social media plays a role in the rise of cultural socialism and mental health issues.

    • Left-modernism's victimhood culture on social media contributes to depression and anxiety.

  • Racism Perception and Mental Health:

    • Mentally ill individuals rate all entities as more racist/sexist/homophobic.

    • Uncertainty in responses regarding racism towards different racial groups.

  • Gender Differences and Mental Health:

    • Women are more likely to endorse established communal norms.

    • Dominant ideology may embody a feminized outlook resonating better with women.

  • Social Media and Woke Beliefs:

    • Social media fuels cultural socialism and woke beliefs.

    • Left-modernism's victimhood culture on social media impacts mental health.


  • FIRE 2024 College Free Speech Rankings data

  • Qualtrics survey, July 21-October 3, 2023

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    Date Published: March 26, 2024
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