MA The Politics of Cultural Conflict by Research

About the course

This programme in the Politics of Cultural Conflict explores ‘culture wars’ between the populist right and cultural left, and how these are changing the axis of electoral competition from economics to culture – especially in western societies.

The seminar programme focuses on the populist right and cultural left, as well as on polarization between the two. Secular-religious, globalist-nationalist and woke versus anti-woke represent three discrete phases of the culture wars which nevertheless overlap and interpenetrate in various ways in the modern era.

The programme enables students to choose (with guidance) their own topic of research and to pursue this under expert one-to-one supervision. But in addition to developing their own specialist research, students also meet regularly to hear, and to argue with, leading writers and scholars in the field of cultural politics including such figures as Matthew Goodwin, Yascha Mounk, Pippa Norris and David Goodhart.

Classes are held in both the University of Buckingham’s Gower Street building in Bloomsbury and in private rooms, where dinner will be served.

The programme is directed by Professor Eric Kaufmann, who has published over 5 books and 45 academic papers, as well as writing extensively in major newspapers and magazines in Britain and the United States.

Further details of the programme are available below and in the downloadable e-brochure, accessible via the link below.

Applicants who wish to speak directly with the Course Director can do so by emailing: [email protected]