Our Network

Our Network consists of institutions, journals or presses, research grant bodies and individuals who are mission-aligned, seeking to advance viewpoint diversity and heterodox scholarship in academia.

We aim to serve as a hub for like-minded scholars and research institutions

Our goal is to help connect those who wish to explore difficult topics, forming links and establishing relationships. Concretely, the Centre seeks to also emerge as an institutional hub for a new trans-Atlantic or global network of scholars and institutions in the countercultural social sciences. These include institutions such as the Center for Academic Pluralism at the Heterodox Academy or the Institute for Family Studies. It includes journals such as the Journal for Open Inquiry in Behavioral Science (JOIBS) and alternative social science research and teaching institutes such as the Salem Center at the University of Texas, SCETL at Arizona State University and University of Austin (UATX). Mission-aligned academics and research have been compiled into a one-stop resource to build this network.

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