An aim of the Centre is to build networks and extend policy-relevant research beyond the campus.

The spread of academia's dominant cultural-left orientation off-campus in the 2010s, enabled by social media and a more partisan online media, means that our activities must necessarily encompass more than just teaching and scholarship. Areas of interest, beyond higher education policy, include reform of the school system and model curricula, as well as new initatives for the de-radicalization and rebalancing of DEI in the workplace. Conferences, publications, model curricula, model legislation and other outward-facing activity is integral to the wider societal mission of the Centre.

1. Schools

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Research indicates that the ethos of schools increasingly revolves around progressive ideology, with nearly 8 in 10 British pupils and 9 in 10 American 18 year-olds reporting that they heard at least one of 5 Critical Race or Gender terms from an adult in their school. Future activity in this space may include model curricula and education policy reform

2. Rethinking Diversity Training

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Future activity in this space may include reformed, non-ideological DEI materials, as well as policy reform efforts in this area.